Sunday, May 29, 2011

Introduction to this blog, by Sophie Patten

This blog is dedicated to Moms everywhere. It has been created to talk about the thing that all moms know and few talk about.. That moms feel judged by other moms. We feel like we have to justify our choices for our kids; we compare ourselves to each other and beat ourselves up about all the things we don't do rather than acknowledge our strengths.

We let ourselves imagine that we are the only ones making it up as we go and that all other mothers have it together. We allow ourselves to believe that in other households mothers are doing arts and crafts, teaching their kids how to read and write at the age of 3 while the sweet sound of angel's singing plays in the background.

Formula vs. Breast Milk. Pampers vs. Cloth diapers. Working moms vs. Stay at home moms.. the list goes on.

Somehow if we want to be out of the house and working we tell ourselves that we aren't as good at being parents as the moms who stay home.

If we stay at home with the kids we let ourselves believe that we aren't allowed to identify with the ideals of a strong independent woman. That being a home maker is old fashioned and no longer a worthwhile goal for a woman of the 21st century.

I am going to ask moms to write about how they feel about themselves in their roles as moms. Moms who work full time, part time, moms who stay home, single moms, moms with one child, moms with many many children and everything inbetween.

The expectation we live under as mothers and how we need to believe in the strength of our own nurturing power and more than anything really seeing that we are all connected. That although we all might know a couple of jerk moms who really do judge us or are arrogant enough to believe that their way is the correct way and everyone else is wrong, MOST moms aren't like that. Most moms are just like us and we should be encouraging each other and live in confidence as mothers.


Recovering Church Lady said...

Sophie, this site is such a great idea! There are plenty of "We snuggled all day today" momblogs that are only showing the sweet and smooth moments of motherhood. Time to get real without becoming a forum for complaining, just being real!
Yay you for doing this Sophie! I am excited to contribute!

Paula Greene said...

I love your idea for this blog! I hope to see some posts about raising teens and to connect with some blogging moms of teens - I don't think I've found any yet. Mommyhood is REALLY hard right now and keeps me on my knees.

Anonymous said...

i want to post an entry, but i can't figure out how? (and thank you for making this blog)

Peachy Sophie Girl Patten said...

Dear Anonymous,

You can email your entries directly to me. I will not edit the articles beyond spelling mistakes. Please think of a title for your article and I can either write by Anonymous or you can add your name if you like.