Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Welcome Home By Becky Blankenship

May continues to be a killer.  My calendar just won’t stop. I forgot an event that was important and I have to choose which event to attend on Tuesday, a nephew’s graduation or my son’s end of the year scout celebration. They’re getting a patch too. Of course, on that day my husband has a board meeting and won’t be able to help with anything!  Ugh.
 I had to turn down several other things to make my life work --all of which I would have enjoyed.
Tonight we are having cake and ice cream for my daughter, who turned 16 on Thursday. We’ve been having her birthday in increments. Her dinner was on Friday. Mayfest, cake, ice cream and tie-dye with her friends today and a short trip to Kansas City in June.
In the midst of all our busy-ness…my 24-year-old son (whom we’ve not seen for two years!) made a surprise visit!

I had just gone upstairs, taken my shoes off, put on my jammie pants, scrubbed off my makeup and plopped down to read.  I’d barely finished the first paragraph when I hear the kids shrieking downstairs and then lots of shushes, and the sound of clomping down the hallway. My door bursts open and one of the children begins in a supremely calm voice, “Um, Mom? Would you please come downstairs for a minute?”
I was somewhat alarmed if not puzzled by the kid’s tone. I thought I heard muffled giggles in the distance. I truly did not know what was going on… My daughter’s bemused look beckoned me to pick up the pace.  I did.
As I rounded the corner into the living room, I saw him. This man. A well muscled real live man---except that he was my little boy all grown up. I was taken aback. I was so surprised (As I thought he was on a flight to Key West) that I threw myself into him and began to sob like a crazy person. My husband heard the commotion from another room, came out and did the same thing.
We were a mess for those few minutes.  Our son had done it. He had managed to pull off the coo of the century. He had even doctored his Facebook comments to reflect how far he would be from home. (He knew I gleaned information occasionally)
My birthday daughter called our older daughters and we could hear screaming over the phone. He was grinning with his success and I was beginning to realize how bad I looked…how little food was in the house, and how messy the front room was!  How dumb is that?  I haven’t seen my son in two years and this is where my thoughts go?
The whole family was jumping for joy and I’m planning breakfast in my head and assuming how old I must look to my son after two years.  THAT’S a dumb/boring way to live.
I did manage to put how I looked to the side but I continued taking a silent inventory of our pantry. I decided I would restock in the morning and enjoy my son NOW.  Best choice I could have made.
We grabbed his hand and took him around town seeing people. It was a blast. We wined and dined him. We hugged and kissed him. We simply couldn’t get enough of the kid.
Having him in town has been wonderful beyond belief.   But I have to say I have tapped out emotionally. I’ve had more joy, anxiety, pride, disappointment, stress, giddy happiness, sorrow, and countless responsibilities in the last few weeks than I have in the whole year!
There’s only so much a person can feel at one time before they become tired.  There are only 9 days left of the school year.  My event load will take a nosedive and then I will put on my comfy pants, take my makeup off and finally sit down with a glass of wine and read my book.
I can’t wait.
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